What is Probident Clnc?

It is an oral care series that brings together the right probiotics, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts that contribute to the creation of a healthy oral flora as a result of studies that require 3 years of R&D and high level of knowledge.

Who can use the Probident Clcn set?

Probident Clnc is an oral care set that helps the healing process in all oral health procedures, especially the implant process. It can be used by anyone who wants to have a healthy oral microbiome, a healthy gut flora and a strong immune system.

Is Probident Clnc suitable for use by expectant mothers and women during breastfeeding?

Probident Clnc toothpaste and mouth care spray is safe for expectant mothers and nursing mothers with its fluoride, SLS, SLES and paraben-free formula. We recommend that you consult your doctor for the consumption of food supplements.

What is Probident clnc Resveratrol toothpaste and how is it used?

The active probiotic in its content helps balance the oral flora. It helps to repair and protect your teeth and gums. It is microbiome friendly. It indirectly contributes to our body health by spreading to our body through the mouth. Thanks to the antioxidant feature of resveratrol, a bioactive polyphenol in its content, it supports gum health and provides full protection for the gums.

Carefully brush your teeth every morning and evening for 2 minutes minimum.

How to use Probident clnc food supplement?

Every day, take 1 tablet of food supplement in the morning on a full stomach with plenty of water. Consult your physician before use.

What does Probident clnc oral care spray do and how is it used?

The synergistic effect of opuntia and olive extracts supports the physical protection of the mucosal surface and faster healing of the physiological mucosal barrier. Every morning - noon - evening at least 3 - 4 times, apply 3 puffs to the necessary areas of your mouth.

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