"Health begins in mouth."

Today, it is known that the most important factor affecting our physical health is the balance of the microbiome. Every microorganism that settles in our intestine passes through our mouth and settles in our stomach and then into our intestines. Thus, the path to a healthy microbiome is through a healthy oral flora.

Based on this fact, a first in Turkey has been achieved with Probident CLNC products, which contribute to the formation of a healthy oral flora and bring together the right probiotic, vitamin, mineral and plant extracts as a result of studies that require 3 years of R&D and high level of knowledge.

Probident CLNC products have been developed in cooperation with MKS Medikal and Ebio Wellness. MKS Medikal, which has been working in the field of dentistry for years and is the Marmara Region Distributor of NucleOSS Dental Implants, and Ebio Wellness A.Ş, the architect of innovative projects in the health sector exist behind this success.

R&D studies of products, raw material supply and production planning are carried out by Greenorm Food and Consultancy Inc. operating under the global company PROFEN Holding, which is the Turkey distributor of the world’s major food and cosmetic raw material manufacturers that provides products and services through its R&D center to sectors such as the Communication Technologies, Defense Technologies, Teleport & Satellite Network Services, Media & Broadcasting, EPC and Life Sciences.

The formulation of the products has been developed by an experienced team under the leadership of Specialist Dentist and Naturopath Furkan Karamustafa. We would like to thank our valuable professors and dentists who contributed to the development of Probident CLNC products, which could be accessed through the recommendation of dentists.

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